Through performances, installation, public process and theoretical and practical research, interdisciplinary group PME-ART confronts its contemporary practice via local, national and international artistic collaborations. Combining creation, exploration, critical reflection, dissemination and casual yet significant interactions with various publics, the work is an ongoing process of questioning the world, of finding the courage to say things about the current predicament that are direct and complex, of interrogating the performance situation.

Performing as ourselves, we create actions, conditions and speech executed with a singular intimacy and familiarity. This intimacy reduces the separation between performer and spectator, opening up a space for thinking, tension, reflection and productive confusion. Within this space we present meticulously prepared material in a manner that is open and loose, sliding the situation towards the unexpected, towards a sense of connection with whatever the audience brings.

Full of paradoxes and contradictions, the work is often destabilizing. Such destabilization is not only about art, but also echoes the social and personal discomfort so often encountered in daily life. We believe acknowledging uncomfortable realities, instead of pretending they are not there, is of fundamental importance for the development of critical approaches that are generous and unpredictable.

We are deeply engaged with the ethical and political challenges that arise when working collaboratively, searching for a delicate balance between the essential freedom of the performers (to create the thinking, physicality and substance of the work) and the rigour necessary to structure and gradually refine the material over the course of the process.

Drawing considerably upon literature, music, dance, visual art, critical theory, philosophy and cinema, such influences are never entirely direct, always infiltrating our practice from personal, unexpected angles.

While the style of the work may seem fragmented, and is in many ways a reflection of the fragmented times in which we live, simultaneously the work generates a deeply human experience with a foundation in basic yet ephemeral realities: people working together, dealing with the audience, simply trying to figure things out.


PME-ART’s past creations include the performances Every Song I’ve Ever Written, HOSPITALITY 1: The Title Is Constantly Changing, HOSPITALITY 3: Individualism Was A Mistake and The DJ Who Gave Too Much Information, the installations Adventures can be found anywhere, même dans la mélancolie, HOSPITALITY 2: Gradually This Overview and The Title Is The Question, as well as En français comme en anglais, it’s easy to criticize, Le Génie des autres – Unrehearsed Beauty and Families Are Formed Through Copulation/La famille se crée en copulant presented over the last ten years in over fifty cities in Quebec, Canada, Europe, Japan and the United States. PME-ART had been nominated at the Conseil des arts de Montréal’s 27th Grand-Prix.

Books by Jacob Wren: Unrehearsed Beauty (Coach House Books), Le Génie des autres (Le Quartanier), Families Are Formed Through Copulation (Pedlar Press), La famille se crée en copulant, histoires et provocations (Le Quartanier), Revenge Fantasies of the Politically Dispossessed (Pedlar Press), Polyamourous Love Song (Book*hug), Rich and Poor (Book*hug) and Authenticity Is a Feeling: My Life in PME-ART (Book*hug). His blog is: A Radical Cut In The Texture Of Reality.